Property Consultancy

Sparks Property have a wealth of experience in all aspects related to property.

To acquire, develop, own and manage a property portfolio requires a significant investment of both time and money and carries a high degree of risk.  However, if you employ the right strategies at the right time then the rewards can be impressive. This is where Sparks Property can help.

  • Site feasibility - we can assess any development opportunities for you.
  • Planning - we can advise on all aspects of planning.
  • Residential buy to let - we can guide you through the complexities of property investment to maximise your returns.
  • Procurements Services - with our extensive network of suppliers, both UK and worldwide, we can advise and procure anything for construction and interiors.
  • Construction - whilst we are not a building contractor, we have numerous contacts within the construction industry and can advise on the most suitable for your project.
  • Residential & commercial sales - we can advise on all aspects of sales and marketing.
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